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When i was going to San Jose State the one thing that bugged me the most was not the homework or the traffic. It was not having any money! So i used this new site called eBay and an American pastime, not baseball, garage sales to bring in a little change buying junk from garage sales and reselling that junk on eBay and later on Amazon, Craigslist and any other place i could. Where do i get this junk? Thats what this blog is about. Buying junk from garage sales, estate sales, flea markets, dollar stores, closeouts, liquidation site, free items, craigslist, thrift stores, Libraries and more!!! Stay tuned!!!


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Top 20 Hottest Seaches On Ebay

Here are the latest results for the top 20 most searched keywords on eBay.

1 Nintendo ds - When ever i see Nintendo ds or games at a garage sale i know it’s an easy sell but i don’t really look for them that much, they are so popular that they usually get picked up right away.

2 coupons - This was a suprise to me that it’s the number 2 searched term on eBay right now but i guess with the economy the way it is people are looking to save that extra buck by purchasing large lots of coupons.

3 BMW - Car parts are a entire industry that one can get into on eBay, i will write about it later, I have some friends who only sell car parts on eBay, they either get them from china (aftermarket car parts) or purchase huge lots of overstock parts. its a great way to make money if you have $10,000 to start with.

4 ipod - Another gimme at a garage sale if you can find them, they sell very quickly, apply products are as liquid-able as gold in my opinion.

5 blackberry torch - Cell phones are a great way to make some extra cash as garage sales. Again this is an entire industry that people get into. Whether you buy them for resale to consumers, buy broken phones to restore or purchase large quantities to sell to china this is a great money maker.

6 shoes - Very tough, for me anyways, to make money with shoes unless they are high end brand new or Jordan’s. There are so many shoes out there i have no idea what sells and what doesn’t, i don’t waste my time with shoes.

7 blackberry - Again cell phones are hot and will be a great industry for a long time, just know what your getting, there are so many models out now you don’t want to get them mixed up, you could end up losing money.

8 kindle - I haven’t found a way to make money with digital content yet but wow is this a fast growing industry. People seems to be very savy who own kindles because i have never seen one at a garage sale.

9 iphone - good luck trying to find one of these at a garage sale. Just like any other apply product, they sell very fast and at a premium

10 macbook - macbook are probably the best laptop to have if you want an item that holds its value, the only way i really see making money with macbooks is the accessory market which is highly saturated.

11 watch - another huge item that is an industry on its own. I have friends who all they do is buy and sell high end watches. i will always look at watched when I’m at sales, you never know when you might get lucky, last week i got a polar cross-trainer watch for a buck which sells for $80 on amazon and retails for almost $300!

12 ps3 - Very easy to buy and sell ps3 games because they have a UPC, anything with a UPC can be priced very easily so its almost impossible to lose money, just make sure you check the condition of the disc. definitely check out all the video games at sales.

13 psp - another great item that is easy to price and sell.

14 ipod nano - what can i say, apple seems to always have the hottest items, if you can get your hands on any apple item at a good price, buy it.

15 wii - very easy to price wii games, highly desirable and very quick to sell

16 samsung galaxy s - cell phones are hot right now

17 iphone 4 case -

18 mens watches

19 sunglasses

20 digital camera

Missing in action

Well i haven’t been around for awhile so here is my first post since march. I have been very busy with my day job and garage selling!! Finally the weather is wonderful and there has been plenty of sales to make some good money. I will show my top sellers in the next couple days and show you guys how its done. I made about $2000 this month at garage sales, YES that right $2000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



It usually happens a few times a year—Patrick and I take a weekend and rearrange at least one or two rooms in the house. Last weekend was our late spring session, spurred on by a couple of garage sale chairs (not pictured) that turned out to be a regrettable purchase. The chairs now find themselves in the “soon to be listed on Craigslist” category, and we ended up finding a great new layout for the living room (hooray for silver linings).

The new living room arrangement feels much more cozy, and the lounge chair looks infinitely better tucked into the corner of the room instead of floating in the middle. In case you’re new here, or you’ve forgotten, here and here is what the room used to look like. The other big change is that the big window now seems like to focal point in the room, instead of the wood panels on the wall.

Again, I’m sorry for the less than ideal photos. The lighting was bad, and I was using my iPhone because it has a wider angle lens. Hopefully, after we paint the floors, I’ll spend some time taking some decent pictures of the whole main floor. Until then, well, you get the gist.



  • Babalous in Walnut Creek — $10 for $20 worth of food and drinks [gotdailydeals]
  • NY Pizza and Pasta in Pleasanton — $10 f0r $20 worth of food and drinks [livingsocial]

Health, Beauty and Fitness:

  • BizMed Spa in Fremont — $99 for a one month membership for mini spa…



Modern design doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Of course, that doesn’t mean that finding inexpensive modern pieces is easy. It requires a lot of time searching at thrift stores, scouring craigslist, and being creative. Resourcefulness is something that I greatly admire, and for those of you that are like me, I think you’re going to love the idea the folks over at Blu Dot have come up with.

The Blu Dot Swap Meet meet is a place where those of us with limited expendable cash can still have the chance to own a piece of their amazing furniture. How does it work? It’s simple, make a bid offering something you own, can do, or make, in exchange for an item in their catalog. Here’s a video explaining it a little more:

What are we hoping to get? Patrick and I have had our eyes on a beautiful buttercup rocker. Isn’t is nice?

So go get creative. You only have until March 11 to submit your bid. 

Top 10 Hottest Media On eBay As Of 2/28/2011

This list of top 10 hottest media on eBay surprised me because i think it’s says something about the type of people that use eBay and can help you make more money by targeting these people. Here is the top 10 list, see for yourself:

  1. The Lion king
  2. The Little Mermaid
  3. Glee: The Complete First Season
  4. Despicable Me
  5. Cinderella
  6. 24: The Complete Eighth Season
  7. Toy Story 3
  8. Sons of Anarchy: Season Two
  9. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
  10. Sleeping Beaty

The list really doesn’t make sense if you look at the top 10 list on Amazon, they don’t even compare. So what does this say about the type of customer buying media on eBay? Seems like it’s women buying for the kids to me. Keep that in mind when you are deciding what to spend your limited time selling. Obviously you want to make as much money as possible and you are limited to what is available at the garage sale for that week. But if i had to chose to spend my last $20 on Disney dvd’s or a couple season’s of Desperate Housewives, i know what i would choose.

Top 10 Hottest Searches To Sell On eBay As Of 02/25/2011.

Knowing what the hottest searches are important if you want to be a top seller on eBay. Here is the top 10 search terms on eBay now.

  1. ipod
  2. xbox 360
  3. p90x
  4. ipod touch
  5. iphone 3g
  6. verizon cell phones
  7. iphone 4
  8. xbox 360 console
  9. ps3
  10. coach handbags

All of these are probably no suprise to you, they are all over the place via advertising and they are great items. You dont have to have these items to utilitize these great search terms. If you have ipod accessories, iphone accessories or any other accessory for these top 10 items then you will get tons of page views. This is another great way to see what to look for when going to garage sales too!

Top 10 Hottest Categories To Sell On eBay As Of 02/25/2011.

A key to making money on eBay is to always know whats hot and finding items to sell under those categories. I always keep track of the hottest categories and when i find an item that goes into any of the top 10 categories, the items always sells better then any other items. So it works! Here is the top 10 categories, they change all the time so you want to take advantage of these trends asap. If you have items to list under these categories list them now!!

One of the best previews i have ever seen for a video game.

Dead Island Official Announcement Trailer HD (via CutsceneMan)



Denon DP-300F Fully Automatic Analog Turntable That i got from a garage sale of course.

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